Who we Are

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Who we Are

Raising True Worshipers, Impacting Communities

Our purpose is:

  • To raise true worshipers
  • To carry out great exploits
  • To connect and impact our community.

Daniel 11:32b is our scripture and it says, “But the people who know their God shall be strong; and carry out great exploits.”

From this scripture, it is clear, that we cannot be strong and carry out great exploits for Him if we don’t know Him. So, in raising true worshipers, we are teaching members:

  • To know Him
  • To know His will
  • To fulfill His will.

Jesus said in John 4:23- “But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him”.

Seek means to be in quest of someone or something. It is awesome to know that the Almighty God is seeking for true worshipers. Our pursuit and earnest desire are to be found in Him as such.

After all the miracles, signs and wonders that God had performed through Moses, he was still asking God to show him His glory. Moses knew that there is a great difference between the acts of God and the person of God. Knowing God for who He is far outweighs all miracles, signs and wonders put together. I believed God’s heart was gladdened on that day. God must have said to Himself “Yes! he finally got it!”.

David was the same. A shepherd boy that God made into a leader of His own people. David never had anything to boast of before God. He knew where he had gotten to in life, was never a function of his background but a function of God’s grace, mercy and favour. His own father did not even reckon that he could ever be the person Samuel came seeking for, but he was. When he came in after Samuel had demanded that he be brought, God spoke to Samuel and said, “this is the one”. God lifted him and made him a king forever. Throughout the journey of David, he passionately pursued God, continually sought His counsel, offered Him sacrifices that cost him so much, danced extravagantly and unashamed before His presence and His people and finally made abundant provision for the building of the first temple of God.

Stories of their pursuits of God and that of Enoch, Noah and others, are great inspiration to us at The City of God.

Through our knowledge of Him and position in Him, we are carrying out great exploits of faith and impacting our communities and world in His name through our various initiatives. Please check out the websites for some of our initiatives on www.mothersclubinternational.com & www.blueskycitadel.com for more information.  We are also connecting with other churches and organization within our community to serve the communities.

We are a vibrant church where every member is valued and given opportunity to express his or her God-given gifts and talents.

We are a family orientated church. We strongly believe that the church starts from the home and so our corporate worship is an overflow of the love we are already experiencing within our various homes.

We have vibrant children and youth churches where they are nurtured, and leaders are raised.

We are empowering our members and members of the community through our business school, BLUESKY CITADEL especially those that have interest in IT. We have an ongoing training in software testing, oracle packages, other IT courses and other disciplines.

The cry of our heart is “Lord, we are available to You. Please, use us more and more for Your glory in Jesus name”. Amen!